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White Line Fever is brought to you by Matt Aitken and Lyndon Blue.


Website design by Jess Boyce.

The inaugural pagan footy huddle was presented with the generous support of Next Wave Festival 2020, and the centimetre-perfect guidance of:

Senior Producer Bron Belcher 

Associate Producer Alec Reade


With tremendous thanks to all Next Wave 2020 staff including (but not limited to): Roslyn Helper (Director), Priya Pavri (General Manager), Nikki Lam, Sullivan Patten, Emily Sweeney, Jackson Coe, Lujayn Hourani, Brigitte Trobbiani, Jacqueline Hanlin, Bart Mangan, Anita Spooner, Sarah Werkmeister, and thee great Tiger Disciple Bonnie Leigh-Dodds. 


The team that makes up White Line Fever knows no boundary line, however selected collaborators to date include: Emma Buswell (Plugger Nightmare Knit) Sally Hall (WLF Official Coven Patches), Amy Priemus (Luna Pagan Pigskin Calendar), as well as Olivia Tartaglia (big premiership cup), Jack Mitchell, Robbie Dixon, Don Blue, Mareene Aitken, Julia Suddenly, Chris Wright, Robbie Dixon, Maddy Blue, Nathan Savage, Mei Swan Lim, Lindsay Blue, Bellamore Ndayikeze, Cassie Lynch, Ian Darling and Loren Kronemyer. 

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